3 Quick Tips to Creating a Water Bottle Delivery Business

All delivery businesses rely on repeat customers to remain profitable. The water delivery business is not very different, but finding customers can be difficult. The bottled water industry has a huge number of clients. Getting customers to want their water delivered may require a little bit of convincing.

Identify Your Customers

Areas with bad tasting water may prefer to have their water delivered. Ask your customers more about their water supply and what you can do to help make their water taste better.  You’ll be surprised what you learn when you ask people to review their current situation.  Other customers may provide feedback and want to use bottled water in their hot water heating system to make sure they cook with filtered water as well.

Some properties also have hard water. This is water that is contaminated by minerals. You may want to research demographics in your area to find out where water may have high rates of mineral content. Your market should also include large businesses. Large companies can afford to refill water jugs on a weekly basis. Almost every office has a water cooler that employees use. Convincing a business that you have an easy way to save them money is a very fast way to make a sale.

Market Your Product Effectively

It is important to stress that marketing is everything when it comes to bottled water sales. Prospecting in this business is easy because everyone can benefit from bottled water delivery. Offering incentive services is the best way to get your foot in the door. Offer to carry the jug in and place it in the slot for them. Cutting prices is of course also a good way to beat out any competition. Develop promotional materials that focus on ideas of purity and refreshment. Branding is important in this business because you are selling a simple product.

Source Your Materials Effectively

A lot of bottled water is simply filtered municipal tap water. People will still buy it because it is purified. You may want to consider targeting customers that will pay a premium for imported spring water. It may be a better idea to go with the cheapest solution possible naturally. You’ll want to look at the customers actually you are targeting. You’ll also want to get a good deal on the plastic bottles. Home Depot usually recycles the bottles when you exchange them in the store. Allowing customers to do the same may save them, even more, money.