Building Your Startup Team – The Best Rules for Success

When you first think about starting a business, it’s easy to imagine yourself doing one thing or another. However, that’s not how things should be. You may start out alone, but if you end up working weird and long hours, you’ll be

cat111building just another job, instead of a business that is successful and profitable.

That’s the difference actually between a job and a business – for the job, you work all the time, whenever you can, doing everything that should be done, while for a business, you have other people working for you and the business could function without you actually being there.

This being said, you realize now that’s extremely important to have the right people surrounding you, working for you, instead of doing everything by yourself. Let’s see how you can get the best team for your business, with just a few tips to follow.

The Importance

Let’s say you already have your startup, and you do everything alone – selling products or services, taking care of customer service, talking with everyone and so on. If you spend there more than 8-9 hours per day, then it’s surely a problem, but if you spend even more time at your business, then that is a major problem.



If you’ve started doing some profit, you could hire someone to help you out and do some of the things that you are currently doing. Paying someone else it’s important, as this will help you focus on the important aspects like improving the services or growing the company, instead of doing repetitive tasks that could be delegated.

Apart from this, if you continue to work alone, you won’t be able to grow – you will be more tired and there will be less time for concentrating on something else apart from keeping the business on a floating level.


The First Employee

Doing everything alone is impossible, so when you realize it’s time to hire someone, start looking. The person that you hire should be as enthusiastic as you are about the activity. It doesn’t matter that you’re selling online services or cleaning supplies – it could be anything, as long as they are experienced and love what they are doing.

x1-coe-professional-services.png.pagespeed.ic.90BEHC6O09Getting someone just to fill out a position is out of the question, because if you hire someone who is not qualified, you will have to check everything that they are doing and also fixing their mistakes. That will cost you both time and money and you won’t be able to take care of your own things.


The Questions

Make a list of questions to ask the people you interview. Apart from the job requirements, there should also be a set of questions to help you realize their objectives and goals. You could ask them about their passions, the experiences that they’ve had in their lives and challenged them, how would they describe themselves to someone else, the failures that they had and so on.

They should dream about making a change in the world – it doesn’t have to be big, but, as someone said, a small gesture can have a big impact, and if all share the same goals, then you could be making a difference with your business.

Recruiting someone to work for your business could be hard, especially if you’re looking for qualified persons. You could ask around or you could go directly to your competitors and see if someone is interested. However, it’s best to know how to discover those people who could create your dream team, as you never know how this can help you out on the long run.

Bussiness developmentIf you’ve got plans for increasing the business, you need to start thinking ahead and see who could be holding the key positions in your company – following the above advice should make those choices easier, as it will let you spend more time doing what you like in your activity.